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About Us

      ACCESS Visa and Immigration Consultancy started with a group of friends who were editors, writers, and marketing specialists who felt the need to seek greener pastures and broaden their experience through a life outside the country. With just enough money to make their goal of flying abroad a reality, they signed up with a visa agency in 2013 only to be left frustrated and empty-handed.

    Within six months since they signed up and paid the agency’s professional fee, they were told that they were not able to meet the basic requirements for their visa applications and were told to switch gears and try their luck through another pathway, or postpone their applications for another year.

    Indeed, it had been a long and challenging journey for all six of them, and just when they thought they have finally made it to the last stretch, it turns out they were not even standing in the starting line in the first place! They were not given the proper advice on the onset which would have otherwise been a much better journey with the right agency.

      Feeling the blow of frustration and disappointment, they decided to leave their respective fields and enter into the visa industry to learn all the intricacies of the different visa application processes.

    Armed with two years of experience in the industry, in 2015, they started assisting clients, individually their strongest suit being the Statement of Purpose (SOP) – the soul of any application. Being writers and editors themselves, the SOP turned out to be their bread and butter.

    Later that year, they put up ACCESS Visa and Immigration Consultancy with the advocacy of bridging the gap between where the Filipinos are and where they want to be. While most visa agencies value quantity to maximize profit, ACCESS makes sure that in any application, quality is always the key ingredient to maintain a hundred percent application approval rate.

    ACCESS Visa and Immigration Consultancy is your trusted partner in moving abroad, providing professional assistance in processing immigrant, study-to-residency, fiancée, spousal, and tourist visas to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, among other countries.

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