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Study-to-Residency Pathway

Discover a new haven and find yourself among foreign students of various cultures from around the world.

At ACCESS Visa, we provide a free consultation to make sure that your application would go as smoothly as possible, and even go the extra mile by providing you the list of our partner schools and available courses to choose from.

Immigrant Visa

Travelling to a different country is easy and exciting, but an immigration application is a different thing. It could take months or years of dedicated effort, only to receive a refusal.

Work with the right team and successfully move to your dream destination at the soonest possible time. We are ready to help you! Start your journey now!

Express Entry System

The Canadian Government employs an online nominal system that determines whether an applicant meets the minimum standard requirement for permanent residency.

With immigration streams like the Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, or the Federal Skilled Worker Program making sure that applicants are able to contribute to the Canadian economy, the immigration process has never been more streamlined!


Australia’s immigration system matches skilled international workers with Australian employers. The eight visa categories provide a multitude of opportunities for aspiring applicants to join and enjoy Australia’s diverse industries.

Skilled Migrant Program

New Zealand’s Skilled Migrant Program allows applicants with the skills, qualification, or experience to apply for a resident visa. Much like Canada and Australia’s immigration system, the program is points-based, with Expressions of Interest having to reach certain numbers to qualify.

Spousal Visa

We at ACCESS Visa Agency promote commitment and integrity. That is why we are willing to assist in bridging the gap between you and your partner. For better or worse, we will stand by you until you can stand by your partner’s side abroad.

Fiancee/Fiance Visa

A 2018 survey found out that 60% of long-distance relationships last and the remaining 37% break up within a span of three months. Don’t allow distance to determine your future with your fiancé! Make your move today!

Tourist Visa

Find the entire application process too complicated? No need to sit in front of your computer for hours, looking at the places you want to go to when you can visit them in reality. May it be for leisure or for educational purposes, we got your back.

Parent/Grandparent Visa

They say nobody can love you as much as your children do. Continue to be present in their lives by joining them in their adventures abroad!

Family Sponsorship

For us, family is considered home. No matter where they are or how long it’s been, we still long to be with them. Being able to reunite with someone who has been away for a long time brings a joy and satisfaction no words can express. Your home away from home and exciting adventures are calling you!


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